My student life just ended………………

hey, don’t know who is reading this but I guess there’s still at least one following this blog. I just handed in my dissertation this afternoon. Keep saying this not because it was how perfectly written. Reversely, I started to have the feeling that ‘there’s so much more that I could have done but now I dont have time’ since one week ago and this feeling just grew every day while I was writing it. but 管他呢!写完就好了。

and now I’am starting my new life! today after submitting the work, I walked on the street aimlessly with a drained head and two deeply sore arms. I called dad and mum, and Kai, and I texted Heizi, telling her how much I was missing her. She asked ‘how are you celebrating?’ I said ‘no idea, any suggestion?’ while I was typing this I saw a seemingly interesting art book in the window of an old second-hand bookstore. Therefore I went in. in one sec I got Heizi’s msg: ‘buy yourself a book.’ hahaha.

in the end I got a book about impressionism since im going to France with mum and we are visiting Monet’s garden.  hope we will get there in a good weather.

So! what im gonna do since now. I seriously have no idea haha. I did think of lots of ideas when I was writing the thesis but now they are all gone. I don’t wanna travel any more (was fervently hoping to travel in Norway and Sweden and almost booked the flights); don’t wanna eat anything special as celebration (had the idea of going to a Michelin on my own); don’t wanna hike in the wind any more (was planning a hiking in the Peak District). Ha,so in the end, I went back home, squeezed into my dear little sofa,  opened a bottle of Fat bastard, lit on my rose candle, and cooked a pot of mussels for myself! Love it sooooo much. And I wrote to heizi (it’s been so long that I didnt write a letter to her!), with all these cliché French chansons. 我幸福的要融化了。





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