Monday morning

London gets back to sunny weather again after a wet weekend. Had ramen and Umeshu with Supercooler for lunch yesterday, and we went for more Umeshu in the early evening. Spent the entire afternoon in Foyles planning the upcoming family trip. Tried to recognise the differences between château A, château B………..till château X in the Loire Valley (They all look similar at least for me) and decided which ones to visit. Cannot drive this time therefore lots of train tickets need to be booked. All Airbnb hosts messaged me asking the check-in time, so I have to get into details checking train time, transport from train station to flats…….. but it’s fun.

Still feel a bit floating after the school life. Returned all the books yesterday and that was an official goodbye. Yesterday I posted the books I used on social media and there was one friend commenting ‘they all look familiar (we did the same major) yet very far away hahaha (he’s been working for several years). ‘ And I asked do you miss them then? He said you will meet more practical masters in the work. haha same feeling when I talked about feminism with Supercooler yesterday. She started her argument from ‘so currently there are four main streams of feminism…….’ Initially I was like ‘okay…………I don’t really need to know what’s what, just let me know what you think about it.’ but as she carried on I found actually ‘academically’ discussing one issue do prompt you think about the nuances and historical contexts behind the issue. You start to think where the propositions of feminists nowadays come from and for which reasons they are standing there. I started to think more at least. So, maybe there’s still some realist uses of academia? I just got too much from last year and need to get myself away for sometime haha.

I need to go!

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